Grants and Scholarships

Awards, merit scholarships, Lutheran grants and scholarships, need-based financial aid, and more make Concordia a valuable and affordable investment. Over 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid. 

2014-2015 First-Time Freshman Academic Awards

Concordia is committed to rewarding students who exhibit high academic achievement.  This table highlights Concordia's academic scholarships based on academic performance in high school.

Scholarship GPA SAT/ACT* Award
Regents 3.5 1100 / 24 $12,000
President's 3.0 1100 / 24 $11,000
Dean's 3.0 1000 / 22 $10,000
Academic Either 3.0 or 1000 / 22 up to $6,000

2014-2015 Fellows (Honors) Awards

Each year Concordia College admits a few outstanding students to the Fellows (Honors) Program.
A separate application to the Fellows Program is required.  Speak with your admission counselor for details.

Scholarship GPA SAT/ACT* Award
Fellows Program 3.5 1800 / 27 Up to Full Tuition**

2014-2015 Lutheran Awards

If you are a member of a Lutheran church and active in your congregation you may be eligible for a Vocatio Scholarship or Fortress Grant.

Scholarship Criteria Your Award Is...
Vocatio Scholarship Must be enrolled in :Pre-Seminary, Pre-Deaconess, Lutheran Teacher Diploma Program Up to Full Tuition
Fortress Grant Meet General Admission Criteria $12,500

Other Types of Assistance

  • Scholarships and Grants These are awards that are administered by Concordia, and may also be issued by outside organizations.  Scholarships are based on academic achievements and/or special talents (e.g., athletic, academic, etc.).  Grant funds are generally based on financial need, (although, for example, the Lutheran High School Grant is based on attendance at a Lutheran high school).  Click here for a complete list of Concordia Scholarships and Grants. 
  • Student Loans — Need-based, student loans must be repaid following graduation.  Click here for more information about Student Loans.
  • Student Employment — Work study employment on campus can help cover a portion of your education costs.  Click here for more information about Work Study.  
* SAT is critical reading & math scores combined / ACT is composite score.
** These awards may be adjusted based on your official high school/college transcript.
" To qualify for the Lutheran Awards, you must be a Lutheran member in good standing for at least 1 year, submit a letter of recommendation from your pastor, and meet above stated criteria.

Please note: Academic, Lutheran, and Fellows dollars are not stacked awards.