Early Childhood Music Classes 2016-17

Concordia Conservatory embraces the philosophy that all children are musical and therefore can achieve basic music competence, and that the best learning environment is one that is playful, developmentally appropriate, and musically rich. Listening, singing, moving, and playing percussion instruments, are key activities leading to reading and notating music. Through creative, engaging music play, children are given the foundation for a comprehensive music education and the tools to express themselves artistically.

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Music Babies
Tuesday 12:30pm – 1:15pm Ages 6 – 17 months Register
Friday 9:15am – 10:00am Ages 6 – 17 months Register

Music Toddlers
Tuesday 1:15pm – 2:00pm Ages 18 – 24 months Register
Friday 10:00am – 10:45am Ages 18 – 24 months Register

Music for Twos
Tuesday 2:00pm – 2:45pm Ages 2 – 3 Register
Friday 11:00am – 11:45am Ages 2 – 3 Register

Musical Theatre for Pre-Schoolers
Tuesday 2:45pm – 3:45pm Ages 3 – 5 Register
Friday 2:15pm – 3:15pm Ages 3 – 5 Register

Play the Instrument
Thursday 4:45pm – 5:30pm Ages 4 – 6 Register

Music Babies

Designed for the 6–17 month old child, teachers guide adults in fostering the music development of babies through singing and chanting, rhythmic taps and claps, tickles and wiggles, and bouncing and rocking. Through group participation with small percussion instruments and engaging props, the babies’ innate abilities are heightened for an early start on tuning their ears to the joy of music.

Ages: 6-17 months 15 Classes or year-long $350 (15 classes) Register

Music Toddlers

These classes offer an opportunity for adults and young children to experience the pleasures of group music-making. Teachers guide the class in exploring the elements of music through folk song favorites, fingerplays, chants, nursery rhymes, rhythmic bounces, lullabies, and a variety of playful movement activities. Lessons are tailored to address each age group and ongoing developmental changes. Small percussion instruments, engaging props, and storytelling experiences provide sequential music learning in an appropriately structured setting.

Ages: 18-24 months 15 Classes or year-long $350 (15 classes) Register

Music for Twos

Through movement, singing, listening, and playing instruments, children experience the joys of music-making with favorite melodies, fingerplays, rhythmic chants, and international folk songs. Small percussion instruments include drums, bells, shakers, and rhythm sticks, as well as less common percussion instruments from around the world. A wide variety of engaging props - including scarves, puppets, and hoops - enrich the program. The classroom environment is musically stimulating and encourages exploration, interaction, and discovery.

Ages: 2-3                    15 Classes or year-long $350 (15 classes) Register


Musical Theatre for Pre-schoolers

This 60-minute class introduces students to the world of song, dance, and drama, providing a great foundation for our youth program’s musical theatre workshops and productions. Youngsters discover the joy of music in theatre through age-appropriate songs, creative movement, and theatre games.

Ages 3-5                   15 Classes or year-long $445 (15 classes) Register
Ages 3-5 15 Classes or year-long $445 (15 classes) Register

play the Instrument

Children will have hands-on experiences with percussion, piano, violin, recorder and ukulele/guitar. Students explore musical elements such as beat, rhythm, timbre, and dynamics. In addition, our young musicians will learn proper posture for producing beautiful sounds, establishing a foundation for a life long love of music. Students explore tangible instrumental music making in a supportive and collaborative group setting.

Ages 46 15 Classes 45 minutes Register
Tuition  $445    

Musical Adventures Vacation Camp

Brighten your child’s mornings with this music, theatre, literature, and art mini-camp with the Concordia Conservatory Early Childhood music faculty. Campers start the day at 9am with a musical story-telling adventure, followed by music and art classes that incorporate the “musical adventure” of the day, followed by drama and literature activities. Each morning includes a snack and game time. Camps ends at noon.

Ages 4 6 February 21 – 24 9:00am 12:00pm  Tuition  $220

Musical Adventures Concert Series

Produced and performed by Concordia Conservatory faculty, this family concert series is geared to young children ages 3–10. These delightful 45-minute concerts are programmed to educate and entertain. The three performances are held at 11AM on Saturdays in the Schoenfeld Campus Center.  The 2016-17 Series includes:

Concert Dates Ticket Prices Ticket Links
December 3 $20 adult   $10 Senior/Child Purchase Tickets
February 4 $15 adult   $7.50 Senior/Child Purchase Tickets
March 4 $15 adult   $7.50 Senior/Child Purchase Tickets
Series Subscription (3 Concerts) $40 adult  $20 Senior/Child Purchase Tickets