Musical Adventures Family Concert Series 2015-16 Season

Musical Adventures is the umbrella title for Concordia Conservatory's rich music offerings for young and elementary school aged children. In addition to the annual Community Holiday Musical, the Musical Adventures Concert series offers two additional delightful 45-minute Saturday-morning concerts which are programmed to educate and entertain. Produced and performed by Concordia Conservatory faculty. Listen, Learn and Laugh Out Loud, Right in the Neighborhood!


The Village of Guitaristan

by Rami Vamos

The Village of Guitaristan is an ideal place where everyone plays the guitar.  Just outside of Guitaristan lives a monster named Jongles who wants nothing more than to terrorize the good guitarists of Guitaristan. In this musical story, Jongles changes his ways through his Guitaristan experiences with the citizens of the village and learns to compose music for the guitar. The citizens of Guitaristan all agree that it is the best “smelling” music they have ever heard!











by Greg Suss

St. Genesius is falling on hard times.  How to get more parishioners back in the fold? The answer is to produce a new and exciting holiday pageant!  Everyone takes sides between holding onto tradition and taking a more modern approach – but does new and modern necessarily mean good?  See how the adults, kids and community handle a serious problem with dedication and of course, humor. 

“Pageant! with book and lyrics by Greg Suss, is a story about how a traditional Christmas Pageant changes and brings the community together. This musical comedy features famous Broadway tunes with a Christmas twist.








by Rami Vamos

Wolfgang Amadeus Schmutzinberry is about to start his next opus when the ensemble begins to criticize the fact that he has not included a meter or bar lines. He does not know what meter is or why it is important in music. The ensemble takes him through the concert repertoire explaining as they go. His own piece slowly takes shape as he learns about accents, dance forms, duple/triple time and reviews the concepts of tempo, pulse, and rhythm. 


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