Chamber Music Festival 2016

The Star Showcase Concert

Saturday, May 7 at 7:30pm Sommer Center

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Chamber music provides students of all ages with the opportunity to enhance their
performance skills and expand their musical insight and awareness through coaching
sessions. The faculty coach’s role is to be a musical guidance counselor/facilitator.
Program objectives:

  • • Reading a musical score: analyzing and evaluating

  • • Preparing the individual musical parts and learning non-verbal techniques of communication

  • • Active learning and performing

Chamber music is for students of all ages who have had one or more years of private
instruction. Participants will be grouped according to their skill level. Chamber music is
open to students who study privately with the Conservatory faculty as well as with outside
teachers. Chamber music coachings are scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays, though
exceptions are made when needed.

The Conservatory Chamber Music Program consists of 8 sessions with a faculty coach each
semester for vocal and instrumental ensembles.

The second semester chamber music program culminates in the annual Conservatory Chamber
Music Festival in May 7,  2016 with the student showcase concerts.