About the Concordia Conservatory

The Conservatory's mission is to inspire, instruct, and enrich lives through music; offering excellence in education and performance.   

Concordia Conservatory banner

Concordia Conservatory of Music & Art, a division of Concordia College-New York, is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt educational institution.

Since 1977, Concordia Conservatory has offered music programs for early childhood, youth, and adults. Art at Concordia was established in 2007, and joined with the Conservatory in 2010 to become Concordia Conservatory of Music & Art.

Financial aid and active community outreach partnerships provide access for all. Concordia Conservatory of Music & Art is governed by a 25-member advisory board with three-year terms, reporting to the Vice President of Advancement at Concordia College.

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