The Jacobson Global Lecture Series

The Jacobson Global Lecture Series honors the late Dr. David C. Jacobson, former Provost and Professor of Philosophy at Concordia College, who passed away in December 2004.  Dr. Jacobson had a keen interest in world ideologies, religions, history, and politics, which led him around the world to Russia, China, Korea, and throughout Europe.  In 1989, he convened an advisory committee to coordinate the Global Speakers Series as a key component of the College’s Global Studies initiative,  Concordia is proud continue the series in Dr. Jacobson's name, paying tribute to his profound legacy as a teacher, scholar, minister, and community activist.

This program complements the College’s ongoing effort to integrate global perspectives into its curricular and co-curricular programs.  Since its inception, this program has featured a number of distinguished speakers from diverse international fields who have enlightened the community on timely global topics.

Open to all students and the public, the evening lectures are held once or twice a year in the Sommer Center for Worship and the Performing Arts.  For more information, please contact us.

Previous GlobaL Lecturers

Year Lectures


Neera Tanden, President, Center for American Progress
"The Boss Lottery: The Economics of America's Failing Work/Family Policy"


His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York
"Soul-Head-Heart; The Three Popes"


Raymond W. Kelly, New York City Police Commissioner
"Threats to New York City and the Modern World"


Dr. John Entelis, Professor of Political Science and Director, Middle East Studies Program, Fordham University
"The Arab Spring and the Rise of Political Islam: Causes, Catalysts, Consequences"


Dr. Isobel Coleman, Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations 
"Paradise Beneath Her Feet: How Women are Transforming the Middle East"


Bobby Ghosh
Senior Editor and Columnist
TIME Magazine
"Lessons of Two Wars: What America has Learned from Iraq and Afganistan"


Martin Wolf
Chief Economics Commentator & Associate Editor
Financial Times
"The Global Economic Crisis"


Mr. Michael Elliott, OBE
Editor, Time International
"On American Leadership"


Dr. Susan Berger
Associate Professor of Political Science, Fordham University
"The Rise of the Left in Latin America"


Dr. Zehra F. Arat
Professor of Political Science and Women's Studies, SUNY-Purchase
"Globalization, Human Rights, and the United States"

Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto
International Columnist and Scholar-in-Residence, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis MO
"The Responsibility of Journalists in Our Time of War"


Dr. Jonathan Becker
Dean of International Studies and Associate Professor of Politics, Bard College
"Russia Under Putin and Beyond"

Dr. Shaohua Hu
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Coordinator of the International Affairs Program, Wagner College
"China's Place in the World"


Dr. Martin Fergus
Associate Professor of Political Science, Fordham University 
"Globalization, Wealth, and Poverty"

Dr. Ervand Abrahamian
Professor of History, Baruch College
"The Clash of Civilizations Meets Reality"


Dr. Trkkaya Ataöv
Ankara University, Turkey
"The War in Iraq: The International Repercussions"

Dr. Kwan Ha Yim
Professor of Political Science, Manhattanville College
"The United States, The Two Koreas, and The Bomb"


Dr. Gary Sick
Middle East Institute, Columbia University
"The New Constellation of Forces in the Middle East After September 11"

Dr. Fawaz A. Gerges
Professor of Middle Eastern Studies, Sarah Lawrence College
"The War in Iraq: Implications for American Security"


Mr. Wayne Fredericks
The Ford Foundation Study Group on South Africa
"Contemporary South Africa: Challenges and Opportunities"


Dr. Zehra F. Arat
Professor of Political Science and Women's Studies, SUNY-Purchase
"Defining Women's Rights in Islam"


Dr. Joshua R. Ginsberg
Wildlife Conservation Society; Columbia University
"Why Big Fierce Things Are Rare: Global Challenges in Wildlife Conservation"

Mr. Wouter L. Wilton
European Commission in New York
"The European Union: Recent Developments"


Mr. Karl Theodor Paschke
Under Secretary General of the United Nations for Internal Oversight Services
"Does the United Nations Have a Future?"

Dr. Bonnie G. Smith
Rutgers University
"Women in the Global Age: The New Atlantic Community"


Dr. Benjamin Barber
Rutgers University
"Globalism, Tribalism, and the Future of Democracy"

Dr. Jerry F. Hough
Duke University and the Brookings Institution
"Russia Today"


Mr. Daniel Chao
Advisor to the Government of Taiwan
"China and Taiwan: The Next Decade"

Dr. Robert Reischauer
The Brookings Institution
(Former Director, Congressional Budget Office)
"The Budget of the United States: Domestic and International Implications"


Mr. Yutaka Yoshizawa
Deputy Consul General of Japan in New York
"The United States and Japan"

Dr. Richard W. Bulliet
Director of the Middle East Institute, Columbia University
"International Terrorism: Media Monster or Iceberg's Tip?"


Mr. Felix G. N. Mosha
Africa Leadership Forum
"A New American Vision for Africa"

Dr. William B. Quandt
The Brookings Institution
"Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking: The Next Steps"


Dr. Gary Sick
Middle East Institute, Columbia University
"October Surprise: America's Hostages in Iran and the Election of Ronald Reagan"

Dr. Albert A. Kipa
Muhlenberg College
"Societies in Transition: Russia and Ukraine Revisted"


Dr. Abbas Amanat
Yale University
"Nationalism and Resurgent Islam in the Modern Middle East"

Dr. Glenda Rosenthal
Columbia University
"European Community: A New World Power"


Mr. Robert G. Morrison
Foreign Policy Consultant, Washington D.C.
"The Foreign Policy of the Bush Administration"

Dr. Kwan Ha Yim
Manhattanville College
"Socialism's Last Frontier: North Korea"