Letter from the Dean, Division of Health and Human Services

Your Life. Your Time. Live it as a Nurse!

Nurses make a difference. And they do it every day. Harris Polls indicate that Americans agree: 50% of Americans believe that nursing is a profession with “very great prestige” and that nurses are “trusted completely”. There has never been a greater need for a nursing workforce that is mature, intellectually rigorous and authentically passionate. A career in nursing lets you have it all: satisfaction–for work that is meaningful: respect—for a profession that is viewed with trust: choice—for services that can be delivered to infants, children, families, communities in hospitals, workplaces, and patient homes: flexibility—work schedules that can be accommodated anywhere in the nation, any time of the day, any portion of the week.

Concordia College-New York has a long history of preparing individuals for careers in service. The College will provide individuals interested in a career in nursing with a sound educational foundation for practice, clinically competent faculty with excellent teaching and mentoring skills, and a values-oriented environment in which to put a human face on high-tech, scientific concepts. At Concordia, you will build on previous knowledge, education, and experience as you earn your Bachelor’s degree in nursing in only 15 months. Professional nursing is a career for life. It is a choice made by people who want to make a difference every day. Concordia College-New York is the right place to start making a difference in your life and the lives of others!


Susan Apold, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, FAAN
Dean, Division of Health and Human Services