Adult Education - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application deadline?
The Adult Education Accelerated Degree programs have the convenience of rolling admission. Your start date is determined after transcript evaluation of previous college credits. We determine what courses you need to complete the degree of your choice and then provide your start date. Note: Previous college credits are not required.

Semesters begin in July and January and because of the rolling application deadline for the Accelerated Degree Programs within Adult Education, you may be able to enroll and register within a few days of completing the admission and enrollment requirements. Call today to find out how soon you may be able to start. Note: Official transcripts are required for admission and enrollment.


You will also need to provide a $30 application fee, non-refundable $100 deposit, résumé, high school transcripts—or GED transcript, if an associate degree was not completed—and official copy of transcripts from all colleges attended.

What are the admissions guidelines?
For students applying for the Adult Education Accelerated B.S., B.A., or A.A. degree programs, the following admission requirements apply:

  • At least 22 years of age
  • Recommended five (5) years of work experience
  • Note: Students can enroll to complete an associate or bachelor degree in the Accelerated Degree Program. Students who enroll in the B.S. or B.A. degree program with fewer than 60 credits are considered bachelor degree candidates and upon completion of 60 credits will continue as bachelor degree students.
  • Applicants must submit an official high school transcript, or GED transcript, if they do not have an associate degree

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How much is tuition?
Click here for information on tuition.

I do not have any college credits. Can I still apply?
Yes, adult students with a high school diploma or GED may apply and enroll for an associate or bachelor degree.

Will my credits transfer?
Work presented for transfer must be from accredited colleges and is subject to final evaluation by the College Registrar’s Office.
College-level courses in which students earned a grade C or higher will be considered for transfer from regionally accredited colleges and universities.  A maximum of 75 semester credits --which include CLEP, military credits, and life experience--may be transferred in.

Can I gain college credit for work experience?
Concordia College recognizes that adults have prior learning experiences that have produced significant learning opportunities.  These experiences may be evaluated by means of a formalized petition process called “Validated Learning Experience” or VLE.

How long does the program take?
To graduate with a bachelor degree in Business Administration, Health Care Administration, Health Studies or Behavioral Sciences, a student needs 122 total credits. To graduate with an Associate’s degree, a student needs 65 total credits. All classes are taught in an accelerated format—one night a week for 4-6 weeks with featured Saturdays. Beyond the program’s requirements, additional classes may be needed, depending on the number of transferable credits.  It is individual and personalized, so let us work with you to determine your graduation plan.

When can I start?
The Accelerated Degree semesters are six months and begin in July and January, while offering the convenience of rolling admission and registration. This means that the start date (the first course) may occur anytime within the semester because it is determined after transcript evaluation of previous college credits. A student may also begin without college credits.  Contact Nereida Quiles at the Office of Admission today, and we will determine your start date based on your personal situation.

I have been out of school for many years.  Will I be able to handle the demands of family, work, and school?
Most adult students find going back to school is an adjustment at first- rearranging family time and work schedules will require flexibility. The classes meet one evening a week from 6 to 10pm and courses meet for 4-6 weeks.  Most adult students find the pace of classes manageable and conducive to learning while balancing multiple commitments.

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Please call 914-337-9300, extension 2147 to speak with Nereida Quiles, Director of Admission for Adult Education or email

Click here for information on the Post-Baccalaureate Nursing program. Note, a bachelors degree in a major other than nursing is a prerequisite.