Information for Parents

Concordia College recognizes that parents play a vital role in the education of their sons and daughters, and we are committed to enhancing the bond between students and their families during the college experience. We believe we share a common objective to help your sons and daughters become independent, critical thinkers—and while it is important that we encourage them to take ownership of their education and be the primary direct communication links with the college, it is equally important to keep all lines of communication open. This page provides you with links to campus resources on our Website along with contact information for campus offices.


Support Services

Visiting Campus

Telephone Numbers

  • Main Switchboard  914.337.9300

Student Services

  • Academic Dean  x2127
  • Athletics  x2443
  • Follett Bookstore  x2100
  • Career Development  x2246
  • Concordia Connection  x2361
  • Dean of Students  x2122
  • Financial Aid  x2153
  • Health Center—Nurse Practitioner  x2243
  • Information Technology Services  x4802
  • Library  x2210
  • Meal Plan  x2123
  • Public Safety  x2132
  • Registrar  x2105
  • Residence Life  x2123
  • Student Accounts—Billing/Payments  x2115