Applying for Admission

Undergraduate First-Year Application Information 

Concordia College is proud to be a member of the The Common Application.  We invite you to apply online. If you would prefer to apply with a paper application, please contact our Office of Admission.

Documents to Submit

In order to be considered for (First-Year) admission, students should submit the following:

  • Non-refundable application fees: $50 application fee for domestic students, $100 application fee for international students                                              
  • An application for admission (Common Application)
  • An official high school transcript
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • School report form (part of the application)
  • A written personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation

Pay Your Application Fee Online

Additional Information For Undergraduate Applicants

  • International Student Application for Student Visa
    International students must complete the application for a Student Visa (I–20 A–B) in addition to the standard application (Common Application). The Concordia Office of Admission must receive the Common Application for Admission before processing may begin for an I-20.
  •  Undergraduate Transfer Students - Additional Information On Application Requirements
  • English as a Second Language Program
    The International Center for English as a Second Language (ICESL) offers courses in English for non-native speakers of English. The Center’s objective is to meet the needs of both the international students interested in college-level education in the United States and foreign nationals in nearby communities who wish to improve their English language skills. Apply Now
  • Concordia Connection Program
    Concordia’s unique program for high school graduates with diagnosed learning disabilities is tailored for those who have demonstrated the potential to earn a college degree. Additional documentation is required for application to this program.
  • Post-Baccalaureate Nursing Program
    The post-baccalaureate nursing program is designed for students with a bachelor degree in a field other than biology. This accelerated program begins each fall and runs full time for 15 months. There is a specific application for this program. Apply Now
  • RN to BS Program
    Our R.N. to B.S. program offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor's degree and advance your career.  With Concordia's rolling admission policy, there is no need to wait until the fall to start your courses.  There is a specific application for this program.  Apply Now

Adult Education Applicants

Our Adult Ed program focuses on adult students who can continue working while earning their degree. To meet the needs of Adult Students, Concordia College offers the Accelerated Degree Program at night and on weekends. Apply Now