Act Now & Apply - Accelerated Degree Program/Adult Education 

What is the application deadline?
The Accelerated Degree programs have the convenience of rolling admission. Your start date is determined after transcript evaluation of previous college credits. We determine what courses you need to complete the degree of your choice and then provide your start date. 

Semesters begin in July and January and because of the rolling application deadline for the Accelerated Degree Programs within Adult Education, you may be able to enroll and register within a few days of completing the admission and enrollment requirements. Call today to find out how soon you may be able to start. Note: Official transcripts are required for admission and enrollment. 

How do I apply?
You can contact us to request application materials and speak with Nereida Quiles, Director of Admission for Adult Education, at 914.337.9300, x2147 or you can print out the application materials by clicking on the links below and then call Nereida to schedule a personal appointment:

What are the admissions guidelines?
For students applying to the Accelerated B.S., B.A., or A.A. Degree programs, the following admission requirements apply:

  • At least 22 years of age
  • Recommended five (5) years of work experience
  • Applicants must submit official transcript(s) from all colleges attended and an official high school transcript, or GED transcript, if they do not have an associate degree.
  • Note: Students can enroll to complete an associate degree or a bachelor degree in the Accelerated Degree Program. Students who enroll in the B.S. or B.A. degree program with fewer than 60 credits are considered bachelor degree candidates and upon completion of 60 credits will continue as bachelor degree students.