Non-Matriculated Student Tuition

Thank you for your interest in Concordia College.  Students wishing to take part-time, non-degree, coursework at the college can register for classes through the Registrar’s office.  Application

Below is a listing of our non-matriculated fees:

2017/2018 NON-MATRICULATED FEES                                       

Traditional Undergraduate Program (part-time, up to 12 credits): $875 per credit
Tuition for auditing a course: $440 per credit

Senior Citizen (age 65 and older): $450 per credit

High School on Campus: $450 per credit

Graduate Program (up to six credits): $835 per credit

All part-time students pay a one-time comprehensive fee of $125 (includes parking permit).

For more information, please contact the Registrar's office by e-mail or call 914.337.9300 x2103.