The Concordia Distinctive

Whether you’re interested in a career as a scientist, business executive, teacher, lawyer or in video production, it’s important to have a strong liberal arts education as the underlying foundation for all academic study and your career. Our Concordia Distinctive is an array of integrated liberal arts courses that provide you with an intellectual framework that precedes and complements your primary major and provides a foundation for your elective and support courses.

Here’s what makes The Concordia Distinctive unique:

  • Your liberal arts education at Concordia is a practical one— anchored in the real world through countless experiential learning opportunities.
  • The liberal arts education at Concordia will provide a strong foundation for your academic journey. You'll be equipped with the skills needed to communicate effectively, think critically, and to see the interconnected nature of knowledge, wisdom and experience.
  • Our small college community means you’ll have access to some of the best minds—your professors—who will get to know you, your hopes, and dreams—and who will help mentor you and guide you through your academic program and into a rewarding career.
  • At Concordia, our curriculum is designed to educate the whole person—so that you can see how spirituality and religion are a part of the framework of society and how the appreciation of many faiths and beliefs allows you to be a more compassionate citizen of the world.
  • Our campus is only 30 minutes from New York City, the world's most exciting city, with a wealth of internship and fieldwork opportunities.