Expo Day

Concordia Students Think Outside the Classroom on Expo Day

Concordia’s Expo Day is a unique opportunity for students to “learn beyond the boundaries” as classes are suspended for a day and faculty members join students for excursions that take advantage of the rich cultural, historical, and educational opportunities near the campus. Here are a few examples of Expo Day destinations...

The Renaissance at the Cloisters was explained with a special guided tour of the museum and gardens.

Shakespeare Drama Workshop prepared and rehearsed 60-second Shakespeare plays for Concordia's Renaissance Faire. Students were writers, actors, directors, musicians, and prop-makers.

United Nations Headquarters Tour included the General Assembly Hall, Council Chambers, special exhibits, and art work. Students attended a briefing by a UN staff member on Refugees.

Tenement Museum Visit exposed students to daily life in a typical 1920s tenement apartment, revealing the trials their ancestors had to endure when first arriving in America.

Outreach to Economically Disadvantaged High School Students. "How to Excel at College" was the well-received seminar presented by Concordia students. They then drove to Nyack to climb Hook Mountain.

Tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art - students not only viewed current exhibits, but also visited behind-the scenes to see items not currently on view.

Trip to the Westchester Funeral Home explored the social and psychological aspects of grieving and death in American culture.

New York Historical Society Tour viewed two exhibits at the museum on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, "John Brown: The Abolitionist and His Legacy" and "Lincoln and New York."