Teacher Education 

Concordia’s Teacher Education programs, fully accredited by CAEP (formerly NCATE), include a foundation in liberal arts and a core of education courses, which are enhanced by a strong emphasis on pre-professional field experiences.

Teacher Education candidates who wish to work with students in a traditional self-contained classroom may choose Early Childhood (birth–grade 2), Childhood (grades 1–6) or Middle Childhood Generalist (grades 5-9) program. Teacher Education candidates also select an area of academic concentration. Concordia’s program offers a Liberal Studies concentration with a specialization in Art, Social Sciences, Biology, English, Religion, Mathematics, Music, or Social Studies.

Upon admission to the Teacher Education program, students choose from among 4 different tracks leading to the classroom: 

  • Traditional track: prepares students to graduate with a B.A. in Education and provides special workshops and individual guidance in preparation for the New York State Teacher Certification tests. 

  • 5 year Master’s program provides an M.S. in Education along with special workshops and individual guidance in preparation for the New York State Teacher Certification tests.  This program offers the opportunity to complete a Bachelor's degree in Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in Childhood Special Education in five years. 

  • •  Teacher Assistant track: Some students wish more time for study and classroom experience prior to becoming a fully certified teacher.  This track prepares students to graduate with a B.A. in Education Services and to take the New York State Teacher Assistant test, certifying them to work as a Teacher’s Assistant in New York State. 

  • Alternative track: these students are those who are either seeking a Lutheran Teacher’s Diploma, Christian Education Certificate, or certification in a state other than New York.  Alternative students graduate with a B.A. in Education and can become certified in their state of employment.

Graduates of Concordia’s traditional Teacher Education program qualify academically for an initial New York State Classroom Teaching Certificate and thus are ready to teach in public, private, or parochial schools. 91% of the 2015-2016 graduates are employed in the education field. 

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Teacher Education Faculty and Staff

Dr. Stephanie Squires
Dean of the Division of Teacher Education
Professor of Education
Ph.D, M. Ed., University of New Orleans, B.A., College of New Rochelle

Dr. Barry E. McNamara
Assistant Dean of Education
Professor of Education
Ed.D., Columbia University, MS Ed., University of Kansas, B.A., St. Benedict's College

Dr. Gary Dresser
Assistant Professor of Undergraduate Education, Program Chair
Ed.D., Walden University, M.S. Ed., Johns Hopkins University, B.A. Concordia College- NY

Dr. Deborah Carter
Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
Ph.D., Saint Louis University, M.A., Sacred Heart University, B.S., Eastern Connecticut State University

Charles Frank
Associate Program Director of Graduate Business and Education
M.S. College of New Rochelle, B.A., William Patterson University

Dr. Eunyoung Jung
Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, M.Ed. SUNY Binghamton

Dr. Joanna Maulbeck
Assistant Professor of Education
Ph.D., Rutgers University, M.S., Rutgers University, B.S., The College of New Jersey

Nicole Morgan
Assistant to the Dean of Teacher Education
B.A., Iona College

Dr. Katherine Roe
Assistant Professor Teacher Education, Graduate Studies
Academic Coordinator for Kings Education
Ph.D. Walden University, M.S. Adelphi University