World Music Concert, Journey from the Far East


7:30 PM

Monday, November 03, 2014

Ralph C. Schultz Chapel at Concordia College - New York


A special concert featuring Taiko Drumming.  For over a millennium, the taiko drum has been used in Japanese court music, Shinto and Buddhist folk ritual and in theater traditions.   The taiko has an intrinsic role in Japanese culture, providing musical accompaniment to the lives of people in all social strata.  Modern day taiko players often look to the aforementioned older court, folk and theater music for inspiration, re-arranging traditional music to suite their artistic sensibilities. With an incredibly deep traditional base to draw on, and with groups pushing taiko music to ever greater musical heights, taiko stands poised to become a part of the universal musical language drawing our world closer together.

Tickets are $5 for General Admission and Free for students, faculty and staff.  Please click here to get your tickets.

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