Center for Student Success

Concordia College has many professionals who provide developmental programs and offer individualized opportunities for support to enhance the success of educational experiences for every student. Support Services are free of charge and include tending to students’ spiritual, academic, social, physical, and psychological growth. The number one goal of student support services is student success. 

The Center for Student Success is a resource-rich environment providing comprehensive academic support for all students, faculty, and staff in the Concordia community.


First-year students meet with members of the First-Year Advising Team to create new class schedules, discuss activity options, review goals, and develop strategies to launch their Individualized Graduation Plan. 


Concordia offers supplemental writing instruction and project-by-project writing support for students in The John Bahr Writing Center. The Center also assists students in strengthening their reading and presentation skills.


Concordia's Career Development Center (CDC) is a tremendous resource for mapping out students' futures. The Center helps students arrange part-time work, connect with peer tutors, prepare a resume, or explore an idea.  Students enjoy the one-on-one mentoring, examining career paths, and learning job search techniques. Concordia's many professional connections continue to expand, offering internship opportunities such as with: IBM, ABC, NBC, MTV, PepsiCo, Sony, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Comedy Central and many more.


Concordia College provides free tutoring assistance to all students. Peer tutors are trained upper-class students recommended by faculty and pursuing a program of study in the subject for which they are assisting. Students requesting tutoring MUST complete a Tutor Request Form  and submit it in the Student Life Office.


The study-in is designed to academically assist all students. Academic mentors and professional staff lead the study-in. Students who attend the study-in are encouraged to work independently and in small groups to complete course assignments and research.


Academic seminars are led by professional staff and student academic mentors. Seminar topics designed to develop students’ study skills and writing skills include semester planning, study skills, time management, managing stress, writing effective thesis statements, tips for revision, and more.


Being a mentor is an integral component of the First-Year Experience at Concordia College and for all students who seek the best of themselves academically and professionally. Mentors (Academic and Live-In) play a vital role during graduation and Orientation weekends and foster a community of success throughout the year. Mentors are responsible, mature, open minded and able to think creatively and constructively. Mentors inspire and constructively challenge others and themselves in the classroom and group environments.


Progress notices are issued by course instructor’s mid-semester. For first-year students, progress notices are issued five weeks into the semester. Students receiving a progress notice indicating that they have a low average or are in danger of failing a course are strongly urged to meet with the course instructor and Center for Student Success staff to determine a plan of how to improve in their grade. In addition, students may be contacted by Center for Student Success staff to follow-up on their progress.