Study Abroad

With the economy and communications becoming increasingly global in recent years, the value of studying abroad has become even more pronounced. The Concordia College Study Abroad program enriches the educational experience of our students with travel study that provides exposure to various cultures reflected in art, architecture, language and history. Students who participate develop an awareness and appreciation for cultural differences and gain a global perspective by experiencing first hand the dynamics of the environment and culture of other countries.

These study abroad experiences can fulfill graduation requirements and enhance career preparation through the invaluable experience of living and learning in another culture.

Some locations around the world where Concordia students have studied include India, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Great Britain. Concordia College also encourages students to take advantage of study abroad programs available through other institutions – in many other countries around the world. Upcoming Concordia College student trips will be to Scandinavia and the Dominican Republic.

To learn more about studying abroad with Concordia College, contact Jim Burkee at 914-337-9300, ext. 2105.