ESL Courses

Description of ESL Courses:

Listening and Note-Taking Skills

  • Listen to everyday conversations, news broadcasts and interviews to help improve your listening skills.
  • Listen to academic lectures and learn how to take effective notes.
  • Increase your college vocabulary and use of idioms.


  • Focus on understanding and using English grammar correctly in writing and speech.


  • Improve your ability to put your thoughts on paper.
  • Learn how to write well-organized paragraphs, letters, and essays for a variety of purposes.
  • Revise and edit your work.


  • Read and discuss short stories, texts, news articles, novels and other material to learn new information and improve reading skills and vocabulary.


  • Lower level classes improve speaking skills through guided conversation, role-playing, interviews, and short oral presentations.
  • Advanced level classes focus on public speaking and discussion skills for success in university classes.
  • All classes include pronunciation practice.