5-Year B.A. & M.S. Ed. Program

Earn a Bachelor and Master of Science in Education in Five Years

The Concordia College Education program offers the opportunity to complete a Bachelor's degree in Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in Childhood Special Education in five years. Students leave the program well prepared to teach literacy and other core subjects to diverse groups of children in grades 1-6.

The program prepares students to learn and practice research based instructional strategies, to use the latest in educational technology, and teaches the skills necessary to become an effective teacher for all students. The program also emphasizes field experiences. Students spend time in local schools starting with their first education class. All students in this fast-track five-year program will have comprehensive teaching experience in both general and special education programs.

Unique to the Program:

  • The program leads to Dual Certification – New York State Certification for both Childhood Education and Childhood Special Education
  • Substantial Tuition Savings – Graduate classes taken in the 4th year of study are offered at the 12-18 credit tuition rate.  (Essentially paying only one year of Graduate Tuition)
  • Classes are small, allowing for personalized attention
  • The program offers early fieldwork opportunities and Education classes in the first term
  • All students receive an iPad in their senior year 

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There are two paths to entry in the program:  Upon first-year enrollment as a program candidate, or in your third year, provided academic performance meets program entry standards. Transfer students are welcome.

Our faculty members are highly knowledgeable with expertise in specializations including:  Learning Disabilities, Literacy, Autism, ABA, Assistive Technology, Classroom Management, Research and Leadership (our assistive technology class will be taught by faculty of the Westchester Institute for Human Development in the Assistive Technology Center). We have established partnerships with local schools where students may conduct observations, lessons and student teaching.