Scholarships for Lutherans


Lutheran Aid

Program Name Amount Per Year              Requirements/Restrictions
Vocatio Scholarship Up to Full Tuition Active member of an LCMS congregation, meets general admission criteria, must be enrolled in one of the following programs: Pre-Seminary, Pre-Deaconess, Lutheran Teacher Diploma
Fortress Grant Up to $12,500 Active member of a Lutheran church, meets general admission*
East Coast Assoc. of Congregations Grant $1,000 Member of active ECAC congregation
Concordia Church Worker Dependent Grant $1,000 Dependent of rostered Lutheran minister or teacher
Lutheran High School Graduate Grant $1,000 LHS graduate; first-time freshman only
LCMS District Aid Variable Determined by church-service student's home district, separate application required

*To qualify for the Fortress Grant (Lutheran Awards), you must be a Lutheran member in good standing for at least one year, submit a pastor letter of recommendation, and meet above stated criteria.

Please note: Academic and Fortress grants cannot be combined. All awards many be adjusted based on your official high school/college transcript.

For more information, please contact our Financial Aid office.