East Coast Association of Congregations

The East Coast Association of Congregations (ECAC) is a partnership of churches that helps Concordia prepare students for successful careers and lives of service in church and community. Since the ECAC's inception in 1982, over 235 congregations from 14 states have committed themselves to this endeavor.

For 125 years, Concordia College has been the Concordia of the East Coast – your Concordia. Today, Concordia College is financially independent and no longer receives any regular subsidy from the national church body. Rising to the challenge of providing quality higher education within a Christian framework to East Coast Lutherans at an affordable cost, Concordia’s Board of Regents has made a commitment of major financial scholarships for Lutheran students through the Fortress Grant program— up to $12,500 off tuition for incoming Lutheran students. And, for those students declaring an intent to serve as Church Workers, the Vocatio Scholarship provides a grant of up to full tuition.  The Board now asks regional congregations to unite with them in this commitment to Lutheran students by joining and supporting the ECAC.

Now more than ever, Concordia College needs financial support from Lutheran congregations along the East Coast. If your congregation is not currently a member of the ECAC, we strongly encourage you to join this partnership!

Concordia College pledges to provide its students who are members of ECAC congregations:

  • A high-quality education within a distinctive Christian atmosphere where students will be challenged to serve Christ in whatever occupation they choose.
  • An annual ECAC $1,000 scholarship to all full-time students, regardless of program of study—in addition to all other financial aid for which the students might qualify.

Concordia asks ECAC member congregations to:

  • Pray for Christian education in general and Concordia College in particular during Sunday morning worship.
  • Strongly encourage young men and women with gifts for ministry to prepare at Concordia for church-service careers.
  • Provide annual financial support. Member churches are challenged to pledge 1% of their annual budgets toward Concordia College and its unmatched scholarship program for Lutheran students.

For more details on ECAC, contact Kathy Dresser, Director of Church Relations, by email or at 914.337.9300 x2157.

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