Office of Church Relations

Welcome to the Office of Church Relations

The Office of Church Relations nourishes relations between Concordia College and regional Lutheran congregations.

Among its objectives, the Office of Church Relations:

  • Articulates the mission of the College as a quality Christian liberal arts institution to its Lutheran constituency
  • Encourages congregations to surface the brightest and the best among their youth to be recruited by Concordia’s Office of Admission
  • Manages and expands the East Coast Association of Congregations—congregations that resolve to support Concordia’s mission
  • Develops and sponsors programs that are of service to regional congregations and the church at large
  • Supports and encourages Concordia Sunday in congregations
  • Is a Concordia College–New York presence at workshops and conferences

Above all, we aim to serve as a resource for you and your congregation and connect you with your Concordia.

Click here to apply for membership to the ECAC Program (East Coast Association of Congregations)

Please contact Kathy Dresser, Director of Church Relations, at 914.337.9300 x2157, to learn more.